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Cosmetique Totale (2004) is a market leader when it comes to high-quality medical treatments. We specialise in permanent hair removal, acne, scars, nail fungus, pigment spots, rosacea, skin rejuvenation and skin enhancement. Our skin therapists perform treatments on more than 100 locations across the Netherlands. It means everyone has easy access to our professional medical treatments. Just like the Ministry of Public Health, we are determined to guarantee the quality of laser treatments. Rest assured that all treatments are carried out by registered paramedical specialists. (Skin therapy is registered in accordance with the Individual Healthcare Professions Act, Article 34).

kwaliteisregister paramedici

All skin therapists have completed a Skin Therapy university programme and have been submitted to a test. Also they are members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (in Dutch: NVH). To make sure we join hands with the best skin therapists in the Netherlands, our skin therapists attend monthly training sessions both nationally and internationally. Because of our expertise we are highly recommended by many GPs, specialists and health insurers.

Cosmetique Totale offers you registered skin therapists, whom you may contact by telephone, email, or chat to discuss the treatment you have in mind.

nederlands vereniging huidtherapeuten

Cosmetique Totale uses nothing but state-of-the-art scientifically proven medical tools and products. Our equipment and treatments are CE and FDA certified. We will never compromise on safety and effectiveness, because your skin matters to us.

Because Cosmetique Totale meets all the legal requirements, we may proceed from a medical prescription which means lots of treatments are covered by health insurance. To receive a list of all the health insurers and fees you may click on “hair removal and acne treatment fees”. This list will tell you what you are entitled to and exactly which costs are covered by other health insurers.


If you are running a doctors’ office, a (skin therapy) clinic or a professional beauty salon and at the same time you want to offer the best laser and skin therapy treatments to your clients, without having to face any financial or medical risks, a joint venture with Cosmetique Totale might be the perfect solution.
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