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Acne scars

acne scars


Skin therapists specialise in treating mild to severe acne. Our medical treatments guarantee the perfect solution for different forms of acne and acne scars. Our therapists will give you free advice, suggesting which treatment will pay off most. For more information about Acne treatments please click on the link below.

Medical peeling



The new eMatrix method will let your acne scars fade in no time. Our skin therapists will also help you get rid of any acne scars you might have. eMatrix is suitable for both light and dark skin colour.

Acne scars eMatrix



Because we use nothing but cutting-edge equipment, and the best skin therapists who are members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (in Dutch: NVH), we are recommended by many health insurers. And so many facial treatments are covered by health insurance.

Compensation acne scars

How to avoid acne scars?

The bad thing about having acne is that in some cases acne scars will remain clearly visible. A proper treatment to get rid of acne is necessary in order to avoid ending up with scars in the future. Different treatments and products are available to address your acne.

Our medical approach will make acne fade in the blink of an eye

Using a medical peel to fight acne, dead skin cells on the surface of the skin are removed and coarse pores are made smaller. Depending on the severity of acne and the skin type involved, our skin therapist will pick the right peel (lighter or perhaps heavier). A light peel treatment means your skin will be cleansed using 10% glycolic acid. The heavier treatment is based on 50% to 70% of glycolic acid.

Are you fed up with acne?

Then why not schedule an intake with our skin therapist (no strings attached). Our certified skin therapists will discuss the most appropriate treatment and help you keep acne under control.

Our skin therapist will help you keep acne under control

Acne litteken
“How do I keep acne under control back home?” I love to answer this question, because there’s no way a skin therapist can tackle the problem on his own. The attention people pay to their skin at home helps improve the result. Foramer 15 by Dermaceutic works for my clients. It is an intensive cleanser based on 10% glycol acid, which helps dissolve the adhesive layer between dead skin cells. Pores are less likel
y to get clogged which helps avoid impurities and reduce the risk of acne scars. It’s a perfect way to prepare for a deeper peel and an effective product without any harmful substances to get more out of your treatments. Dermaceutic Foamer 15