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Elos is the very latest technology when it comes to IPL treatments and in many ways it has been seriously upgraded compared to traditional IPL tools. The Elos method uses two energy sources. These are the impactful energy + RF (radio frequency). It allows Elos to treat the skin deeper, safer and more effectively than the traditional laser devices.

Because of this unique second source of energy, Elos is capable of treating grey, flaxen and red hair and it has been found to be perfectly safe for dark skin too.

Elos is suitable for permanent hair removal, for treating acne, rosacea, pigment spots, and also for rejuvenating and improving skin.

Why choose the Elos method:
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  • Suitable for all skin and hair colours
  • Safe even for the most sensitive skin
  • Permanent removal of blond, grey and flaxen hair
  • Less painful than traditional alternatives
  • FDA certified medical treatment.


Elos is perfect for treating many different skin conditions like acne, rosacea, undesired hair growth, aging skin and pigment spots. We would love to explain how the treatment is applied and how many sessions are required to guarantee the best result safely and effectively.

Our advice. Make an appointment and claim your free advice from one of our skin therapists. Have your skin analysed at no cost and let us recommend the most suitable treatment. Experience what a treatment will feel like. Try out a test flash

Acneipl acne

Elos acne treatment is about reducing acne safely and effectively. Acne bacteria are tackled to make inflammation go away. The treatment also supports the healing process within the skin to ensure a comfortable recovery.

The skin is cleansed. A gel layer is applied onto the area in question. Then energy flashes are added that will destroy the acne bacteria. The treatment itself is painless. Depending on the severity of the acne, we might require six up to ten sessions, with a 1-3 weeks’ interval each time.


Elos is suitable for removing rosacea and red bursting veins. A smooth skin looks younger, healthier and calmer.

The skin will be disinfected and a layer of cooling gel will be applied. The area will be systematically treated with warm light flashes. This energy will help shut down the bursting veins to make sure they are no longer visible. The redness of the skin will fade. For this we will need three up to five sessions, with a 3-6 weeks’ interval each time. Obviously this will depend on the condition of the skin involved.


Elos will help you get rid of unwanted hair for good. Irritated skin and red bumps will be a thing of the past. A soft skin is what you get in return.

Elos uses a second energy source (radio frequency) to get rid not only of black, dark hair but also of blond, red and grey hair. Permanent hair removal is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and dark skin. An average of eight treatments is required, with six weeks’ intervals.

pigmentvlekken verwijderen

The Elos Fotofacial is perfect for removing pigment spots, bursting veins and coarse pores to get a smooth and fresh looking skin. Refirm ST is a great collagen boost for sagging skin and guarantees a full, fresh and radiant look instantly.

Fotofacial and Refirm ST are based on heat energy. A layer of gel is applied onto the skin, adding the flashes. After each flash the skin will be tightened and redness and pigment spots will be reduced. We will need an average of three to five treatments with a 6 weeks’ interval after each session.


Elos will make pigment spots disappear. Treatment is also suitable for sun damage, pregnancy marks and age spots. You get to enjoy a smooth and healthy skin all over again.

Elos is used to add light flashes to the skin. Each flash will specifically break off the pigment in the pigment spots. These will fade little by little or come off like a scab. The number of treatments obviously depends on the type of pigment spot that we are dealing with. Usually we will need three sessions with a 3-6 weeks’ interval.


Elos comes with the strictest FDA certificate from the US. It confirms that both the device and the treatment are perfectly safe and worth the effort. And with Cosmetique Totale, expect to receive treatment from a highly trained and registered skin therapist (registered in accordance with the Individual Healthcare Professions Act, Article 34), who is also a member of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists.

Treatments include check-ups and evaluations by the skin therapist, as well as tailored advice to guarantee the best results.

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Before you sign up for any of our treatments, make sure you receive proper advice. It is free. The skin therapist will carefully analyse your skin and recommend how you should be taking care of your skin. Book your free advice or experience a test pulse at no cost.
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To receive the Elos treatment lease, please visit one of our skin therapists at more than 120 locations across the Netherlands. Click here to find the nearest location.


Cosmetique Totale is acknowledged by all health insurers. All skin therapists are affiliated with the Paramedici quality register and also they are members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists. Most Elos treatments are covered by health insurance. But to know for sure, you should check out your insurance policy or call 0172-782419 for more information.