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eMatrixeMatrix treatments (as seen on RTL4, RTL5 and SBS6)

The revolutionary skin rejuvenating and tightening device has been embraced in the United States including its celebrities. Prominent dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and cosmetic surgeons attended shows hosted by none other than Oprah Winfrey and Dr Phil to talk about the E-matrix. They are undeniably thrilled about this new technological masterpiece that is also being used by Cosmetique Totale.

Ever since the E-matrix was launched in the Netherlands in early 2010, it became a must-have to many Dutch celebrities given its overwhelming results. Our skin therapists are perfectly familiar with the immensely popular E-matrix treatment, using it to effectively tighten the skin, remove acne scars, age spots, coarse pores, pigment spots, rosacea, etc.

eMatrix treatments start at EUR 150


eMatrix is about reducing wrinkles, improvement pigment, reducing pores, removing scars, rejuvenating and lifting skin with an extremely short period of recovery.”

“ eMatrix is also suitable for body treatments, for instance to tackle scar tissue.”

eMatrix is suitable for any skin colour. The unique feature is that you only need to avoid sunshine during one to five days before and after treatment.”

“ eMatrix is CE and FDA approved. Scientific studies have confirmed results.”

eMatrix treatments are performed exclusively by graduated and registered skin therapists. They are members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists. Some of the eMatrix treatments (e.g. for acne scars) are covered by health insurance.”



eMatrix helps create a new skin, without having to recover for a very long time. Treatments can be applied for basically any condition that is making your skin look less beautiful: wrinkles, pigment spots, sagging skin, (acne) scars, brown and red/pink differences in colour as well as skin irregularities like coarse pores.

ematrix huid

Treatment pigmentation

After 1 eMatrix treatment you can see a clear decrease of the dark pigment spot on the jaw


treatment acne scars acne littekens ematrix
After 2 eMatrix treatments the little scars will be vanished and the skin won’t just be smoother and without deeper dots, but also the skin discoloration will disappear. More information on acnescars 


littekens verwijderen ematrix

Treatment large pores and sun damaging 

After 1 eMatrix treatment there will be a much finer pore-structure to see and the brown spots of the sun-damaging are considerably reduced.

rimpels verwijderen

Treatment pleat and fine wrinkles

after 2 eMatrix treatments are the deeper wrinkles around de eyes as good as gone. There is a clear lift of the eyebrow visible. The expression lines around the eye contours are much less visible

rimpels ematrix

Treatment tighter skin

After 2 eMatrix treatments it’s clearly visible that the skin is much more tighter and lifted. This is a natural facelift. Also is there a very large reduction visible of wrinkles on the cheeks.


rimpels laserenCosmetique Totale is since the introduction of eMatrix to mention a true pioneer. through there years of experience, our HBO-skilled and skin therapists can apply the eMatrix treatment like no other. In addition Cosmetique Totale has over 150 treatment-locations through the whole country, so you never have to travel far!


We recommend one up to three treatments with a 4-8 weeks’ interval. The number of treatments required obviously depends on the condition of the skin and the end result one has in mind.