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Medical peel

Those of you wanting to do something about pigment spots, aging skin, acne, acne scars or who simply want to make their skin look better, Cosmetique Totale recommends a medical peel. It is a safe and effective treatment that can be applied in many different ways.

·         Improve skin structure (course pores, spots)peeling
·         Improve skin hydration (lines, wrinkles)
·         Reduce acne and acne scars

Wat exactly is a medical peel and what does it do to your skin? Is a peel suitable for your skin and do you qualify for free advice?

What is a chemical peel?

A medical peel is about removing the upper “dead” skin layer at accelerated speed, in order to make room for a new, smooth skin. A peel treatment can cause modest or serious exfoliation (flaking).
peeling Dermaceutic

Medical peels are also known as “chemical peels. Different treatments exist and they work on different layers of the skin. So basically, the stronger the peel treatment, the deeper and more intense the results.

When is a medical peel a safe option?

Unlike superficial peels (scrub, lysing), a medium peel may only be performed by skin therapists and dermatologists. They know exactly which active substances are safe for your skin type.

Cosmetique Totale guarantees treatments performed exclusively by registered skin therapists (BIG act, article 34), who are members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists. They will assist throughout your treatment, giving you the best advice they can on how to get the best results from the comfort of your home

The traditional TCA peel


In addition to the AHA glycol acid peel, the TCA peel is the best known chemical peel. This traditional peel is really good, however there are some disadvantages involved, like serious exfoliation. Not every skin type can be treated and the extent to which any skin might exfoliate is impossible to say beforehand.

TCA peels by Dermaceutic are based on extensive knowledge of the latest peel techniques. TCA peels come with ingredient complexes, which makes them suitable for any skin type or skin colour, including dark skin. A skin’ reaction can be determined in advance with great precision.

The skin therapist will analyse the condition of your skin and decide which Dermaceutic peel is the most sensible option. Different peels are possible, based on various ingredients and acids. For superficial peels, Dermaceutic has been using e.g. AHA (like glycol acid) and BHA (like salicylic acid). Medium peels are based on TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and pigment inhibiting as well as suppressive ingredients.

Skin improvement after peel treatment

tca peeling

In order to reduce lines and improve your skin structure, different peels are available. Like the Milk peel, with ingredients including glycol acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid which stimulates and exfoliates the skin for deep hydration. This peel is suitable for every skin type or skin colour.

Thee Cosmo peel, based on different percentages of TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) is a more profound and intense treatment. It visibly helps reduce wrinkles, tackle coarse pores, sagging skin, improve hydration and skin structure. Your skin surface will feel fresher and smoother.

The best peel for acne and acne scars

For active acne and impure skin, a peel based on glycol acid and salicylic acid can be applied, like the Mask peel. This chemical peel makes the upper skin layer thinner, to reduce sebaceous and give blocked pores no chance whatsoever. peeling acneSalicylic acid has a restraining impact on the production of sebaceous, tackling the acne bacteria (P. acnes). It is how the peel reduces the risk of developing new infections or impurities.

For acne scars one may use a peel in addition to eMatrix. The acid softens the upper skin layer, stimulating cell regeneration in the upper layer. Red and pigmented spots will disappear. The skin becomes smoother and the structure of the pores changes for the better.

Best peel for pigment spots, age spots and melasma

peeling pigmenvlekken

In order to treat pigment spots a medical peel can be used in addition to a laser or IPL treatment. The skin therapist will give you free advice on which treatment is best for you.

To get rid of pigment spots, we recommend the Spot Peel. This is a combination of the best pigment inhibiting and suppressive ingredients. It helps fight age spots, sun damage and melisma among other things.

Aftercare & what will I look like after a medical peel?

When it comes to chemical peels, it is very important to prepare your skin properly. Proper aftercare will help your skin recover in a safe way, explaining how you should protect it.

Let your skin therapist know what it is you want to improve and what exfoliation level (flaking) would be acceptable as far as you are concerned. Exfoliation might not occur at all or only to some extent. Your skin might be sensitive after treatment. It might become slightly red or feel hot. This is perfectly normal.

Costs and health insurance

Medical peels performed by registered skin therapists start at € 45 per treatment. Many people are unaware of the fact that treatments are covered by health insurance (additional insurance) in many cases. You are welcome to visit us without a referral.chemische peeling

To find out which treatment is best for your skin, visit us for free advice from one of our skin therapists in your area.